Sustainability Audit

Leading brands have already introduced sustainable packaging. How does your packaging measure up?

Corporate sustainability goals, government regulations, and consumer awareness are driving the demand for sustainable packaging.

With prime shelf space being reserved for products with eye-catching sustainable packaging, you don’t want to be pushed to the bottom or rejected for not meeting sustainable supply chain standards.


The Time is Now for Sustainable Packaging

You may be thinking, “We can make the switch to sustainable later”. Well, the time is here. Implementing a sustainable packaging solution for your product without disruption takes time.


Discover How Your Packaging Measures Up

Discover how your packaging measures up to industry best practices by completing this sustainability audit. The results will show if you are on track or behind on implementing sustainable packaging practices. You’ll receive your results immediately.


Select the film option closest to what you’re using now.

Your Packaging Sustainability
Audit Results

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This Audit evaluates where is on the path to complete packaging sustainability.
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Design Your Path to Sustainability

The path to sustainability requires expertise and effort, and Emmerson understands that. Our sustainable packaging experts will ensure your brands comply with retailer targets, industry regulations, and reap the benefits that come with sustainable packaging.

Reach your sustainability goals faster with Emmerson as your accredited supply chain partner. Your dedicated Project Coordinator will facilitate a smooth transition to sustainability on time and on budget.

We are a certified Sustainable Green Printer, giving transparency to our customers, their brands, and the retailers they serve. Emmerson has adopted practices that have reduced our water, electricity, and Co2 annually.


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Looking for more information on sustainability? Find out the true impact your sustainable packaging choice will have on the environment with our interactive comparison tool.